Thursday, 4 February 2010

Nicotine, Smoking & Chrones Disease

The effects of Nicotine and Smoking on Chrones Disease

The general thought is that smoking cigarettes actually has a detrimental effect on Crohn's disease. The statistics show that people who smoke, or who have smoked in the past, have a bigger chance of developing Chrones than non-smokers. If you already have Crohn's disease and you smoke, you are more likely to have an increased number of relapses, repeat surgeries, and may require aggressive immunosuppressive treatment.

Most people with People Chrones disease are strongly encouraged by their doctors to stop smoking in order to prevent flare-ups of the disease.

Location of Chrones
A study conducted a few years ago and then published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology, has shown that there is a link between smoking and Chrones Disease.

What the study seemed to show is that smoking may actually decide which part of your intestinal tract is affected in people who have Crohn's Disease.

The Importance of the Findings
The importance of these findings cannot be underestimated as where chrones disease is located in your body often determines if you will need surgical treatment or not.

The results suggested that crohn's disease seems to appear more often in the small intestine and not the colon in smokers. Chrones disease located in the small intestine is often more penetrating and thus causes more damage and as a result has to be treated with surgery more often.

More Information have a number of articles related related to Smoking and Chrones available for download, including an article from Internal Medicine News by Bruce Jancin on how if you stop Smoking it helps to Cut Crohn's Surgery Repeats:
Smoking & Crohn's Disease

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