Friday, 15 February 2008

Chrones Disease Video

I found this video the other day, it is a touching story of a guy with Chrones Disease. The backing music is by Perl Jam - the reason for this and is not something I knew until now is that the Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready suffers from Chrones Disease.

He announced this news way back in 2003 and said that he has had the stomach ailment for the past 15 years, so 20 years now. The reason he decided to go public with the news was because of the strength of a young teenager who'd suffered through 6 surgeries because of chrones and still had a long way to go.

During his speech, Mike McCready recountered a particularly embarrassing incident to demonstrate how Chrones can strike at any time. He said that whilst playing onstage, he is always aware of where the bathrooms are "When Crohn's hits, I have to run, or it won't be pretty. It happened when we opened up for the Rolling Stones in 1997 in Oakland .

"It was our first show with them," McCready continues. "Five minutes before we went on, I went up to (Pearl Jam front man) Eddie Vedder and I said, 'Look man, can we play 'Sometimes'? — which is a slower song that I'm not really on. I was in pain. I went running offstage looking for a bathroom, and there wasn't one. Then, all of a sudden, there was one. It was a honey bucket. I heard my band play that song from inside a portable toilet!" something every chrones disease sufferer knows all to well!

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douggy said...

to jason i have chrones from age 12 iam 51 now most of my smallbowl is gone i live on tpn if you like to talk let me know .