Sunday, 13 January 2008

Chrones Disease: It is still a mystery but can be controlled

When Jessica Leach was only 12 when she started having frequent attacks of painful abdominal cramps and was only later to find out that it was Chrons disease, she is now 19 years old and initially, she didn't tell anyone about the pain or the diarrhea.

Jessica would often respond to her parents questions by saying that it was somethiong in the food that didnt agree with her. She could hide it for a while, but soon she began to loose a lot of weight and that was when her parents realised that there must be something really worng and so decided to take her to the doctors.

Initially the doctors first thought that she might have anorexia, which only led to frustration on the behalf of Jessica and her mother. The just goes to show how easy it can be to give the wrong diagnosis of Chrones Disease. After some more blood work and a visit to a gastroenterologist, the family finally got the right diagnosis: Chrones disease.

Jessica's chrones is currently in remission for the second time, the first time lasted for three years and she is hoping like most people who suffer from crohn's disease that her symptoms will never appear again. What ever happens Jessica is adiment that Chrones disease is not going to get her down and want to live her life to the full. She has been working two jobs this summer and she is looking forward to college.

We would like to wish Jessica all the best in the future...

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