Monday, 12 November 2007

Living life with Chrones Disease

Living with Chrons Disease, David GerrardIn a strange kind of way, when you are going through a very bad patch with your chrones disease and you feel that everything is against you, it sometimes helps to know that there are many people who have chrones disease and continue to live extra ordinary lives.

A great example of this is David Garrard who is a quarter back for the Jacksonville Jaguars and has Chrones disease.

I often have days when I don't even feel like getting out of bed let alone going out and playing professional football!

Recently I was invited to go camping with some friends and my first though was that I could not do it, but then I though of the people out there who have chrones disease like David Garrard, who are doing things that even people without chrones disease would find difficult. It gave me that little push that I needed....

... I did eventually go on the camping trip and I did have an excellent time, it just goes to show that you can live your life to the full even with Chrones Disease

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