Saturday, 10 November 2007

Children with Chrones Disease

Managing Chrons disease in Children
The current research shows that Chrones disease is more common in children than previously thought. This also seems to be true for cases of ulcerative colitis. Most of the new diagnosed cases of Chrones disease are in children and it is becoming more and more common to find examples of chrones in children as young a 7.

The statistics show that about 20% of all cases of Chrones disease affects children under the age of 15.

With children with Chrones Disease, one of the most serious problems is that of Nutritional deficiency which can also lead to stunted growth.

The doctor of a child who has chrones disease may suggest nutritional supplements, especially for children whose growth has already been stunted or slowed.

Crohn's disease affects boys and girls equally but children who are born into a family who have a history of Chrones disease are far more likely to develop chrones than other children as there is a clear genetic link, the symptoms of chrones disease may also show at an early age.

It is also important to remember that children with chrones disease will have to face many more problems growing up than children without the disease, this includes the physical difficulties and the self image issues.

Chrones disease will change a child's normal routine and may separate them from normal child activities. So it is very important that children with chrones disease have a strong support base from family, friends, and doctors.

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