Thursday, 5 June 2008

Chrones Disease Symptoms

Diagnosing Chrones Disease is often very difficult, as chrones disease symptoms can vary from person to person and is also pretty similar to the symptoms of Ulcerative colitis. Chrones disease can also begin at any age, but it does seem though that the times of the highest risk are between adolescence and a persons early adulthood.

The current thinking is that there is a genetic link to Chrones disease and it seems that people with a Jewish ancestry seem to have a higher risk of developing Crohn's Disease.

Smoking and Chrones Disease
Smoking also seems to increase the risk of Chrones.

Chrones disease is fairly common with about 7 people in every 100,000 developing the disease.

Below are some of the main Symptoms of Chrons Disease:

* Fever
* Diarrhea
* A Loss of appetite
* Weight loss
* Abdominal sounds (gurgling or splashing sound heard over the intestine)
* Fatigue and tiredness
* Bleeding from the anus
* Gastrointestinal bleeding
* Tenesmus - which means pain with passing a stool
* Stools that are Foul-smelling
* Pain in your Abdomen

Some of the less common chrones disease symptoms:

* Blood in your stools
* Skin ulcers
* Rashes
* Pain in your joints
* Anal Incontinence
* Swollen gums
* Constipation
* Abdominal fullness and gas

Please note: If you have these symptoms, it does not mean that you have chrones disease as mentioned before chrones disease can be pretty hard to diagnose and the best advice as always is to go and speak to your doctor.

(Chrones Disease Symptoms: Date First Published: 21 September 2007)

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